๐ŸŒˆ PRIDE MONTH: New Directory Provides Mental Help For LGBT+ Young People

DigitalHealth.London Accelerator alumnus, MeeTwo, have released their new directory during Pride month which offers LGBT+ young people the tools to help themselves, and each other. The directory provides access to 24/7 crisis support and specialist services including the Switchboard LGBT+ Helpline. The directory also includes a selection of LGBT+ themed books, videos, apps and Ted Talks, as well as personal stories about the issues that affect LGBT+ young people. Resource suggestions, artwork and personal stories can be submitted by users through this form: https://forms.gle/sh9fZqiRCGB8iVsf8

Mental health issues are three times more prevalent in LGBT+ young people. More than one third (34.9%) of young people who identify as LGBT+ experience mental health issues such as anxiety or depression, compared to just 13.2% of young people who identify as heterosexual (MHCYP, 2017). Lockdown has not made it any easier.

โ€œanyone have any tips on quarantining with a homophobic family that refuse to acknowledge that you’re gay? it’s getting harder now that I am stuck here for what seems like a long time.โ€ Posted on the MeeTwo App on May 15th, 2020

MeeTwo is a free, multi-award winning, fully moderated, anonymous, mental help app which supports 30,000 young people in the UK, including thousands of LGBT+ young people. MeeTwo is a social enterprise, co-founded by psychologist and Times sex columnist Suzi Godson and EdTech expert Kerstyn Comley.

Suzi Godson said: โ€œWe are delighted to launch our new directory during Pride month as we are now able to provide vital support and resources to young people who identify as LGBT+ more easily and effectively than ever before. The combination of peer support, high quality mental health services and resources makes our mental health app best placed to support and empower young people using digital technology, a method they feel very safe and comfortable using.”

Kerstyn Comley said: โ€œSince being on the DigitalHealth.London Acceerator our business has continued to grow. Connections we made while on the programme have developed into partnerships with the NHS that is now directly helping young people across the UK who are in desperate need of mental health support. We are still realising much of the benefits of the programme two years after completing it.โ€

Sara Nelson, Programme Director, DigitalHealth.London Accelerator said: โ€œMeeToo are a fantastic example how digital innovation can provide peer support and care in a way and at a speed, that traditional methods of delivering services cannot. Technology like using mobile phone apps is very much a part of most young peopleโ€™s lives and so being able to access mental health help in this way is great. The particular support MeeToo can offer LGBT+ young people is something that we are very proud to highlight during Pride this month.โ€

The MeeTwo app makes it easy for LGBT+ young people to talk about difficult things. MeeTwo supports young people aged 11-25 and their LGBT+ users are often disclosing their sexuality for the very first time. Their 100% pre-moderation policy means they can do so knowing they will never be bullied and that they will only ever receive supportive responses.

“MeeTwo is the community that will listen to me. It releases a lot of pressure off my chest knowing that I have so many people to talk and relate to if I need it, and that I can really speak my mind without fearing judgement. MeeTwo has also given me the courage to come out as bisexual to my family, which I plan to do in July.โ€ Posted on the MeeTwo App on June 4th, 2020