Working with the NHS – An e-health entrepreneur’s experience

Orthopaedic surgeon and company co-founder Matt Prime said, “It always struck me as crazy that I could book a flight using my phone yet when I was at work I used scraps of paper and a pencil.

On one particularly day, I had 25 plus patients who I had diligently recorded in my notebook, before scribing them onto the whiteboard and then further completing a handwritten theatre list. I came in early the next day to prepare for the morning trauma handover and was greeted by the cleaner diligently cleaning my ‘messy whiteboard’. Profanity and panic were the result.”

The team developed the new software product in response to this experience with the support of the hospital, which allowed them to trial it for a month alongside the paper system. Following the success of the pilot, the department gave up whiteboards and paper for good.

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