Thanks to all nurses everywhere on International Nurses Day

Sara Nelson, Programme Director, DigitalHealth.London Accelerator programme and NHS nurse, commenting on International Nurses Day said: “Today on International Nurses Day I’d like to join the thanks and recognition of all nurses everywhere. Nurses save lives. They provide vital knowledge, skills and care to their patients.

“I qualified as a nurse over 25 years ago, and although I am no longer on the front line, the training and qualities developed as a nurse are still very much a part of who I am today. Much of my professional development and successes in the digital health sector are directly connected to my experience as a nurse. An inquiring nature, leadership skills, quickly building meaningful relationships with those I work with, having good judgement and decision making abilities are all things that I took for granted. I now recognise these have been pivotal in the progression of my career and helped me become an ambassador for improving health through digital innovations.

“It is heartening to join my neighbours every Thursday night to pay tribute to our NHS colleagues, carers and key workers during this global pandemic. I am hopeful that one of the positive lasting impacts of this health crisis will be a new generation of nurses inspired by seeing the benefits to patients, and staff, of technology as part of our daily care.”