Thalamos launch to NHS at Digital Health Rewired 2020

Today, Thalamos is officially launching for NHS use at the Digital Health Rewired 2020 event in London, where the company will be presenting as part of the Pitchfest.

Thalamos is a bespoke software solution for completing Mental Health Act Forms digitally, across any device. The product has previously only been available for use in independent healthcare setting but is now launching to the NHS.

The Mental Health Act is a hugely complicated 37 year piece of legislation that presents many challenges for clinicians and administrators alike. A crisis care-pathway might involve 10 plus individuals from 5 plus institutions or organisations all trying to communicate around an individual patient. This means that to date they have been reliant on moving paper “pink” forms around. These forms are prone to errors including being lost entirely which in turn can have a significantly negative impact on patient care and experience.
Thalamos are changing this, their secure cloud hosted solution provides real time interoperability between all stakeholders involved in the Mental Health Act. Supporting them to complete their statutory roles under the Act, swifter, simpler and safer than using paper forms. The can execute their responsibilities using their phones, tablets or laptops digitally and with confidence. Sharing with each other and with their local record systems.

Thalamos CEO/founder Arden Tomison said, “My Father’s a psychiatrist; but it was when two close friends were Sectioned I became aware of just how much paper is still involved in Mental Healthcare. Also, how unbelievably confusing it is to navigate, especially given what patients and families are going through at the time. We want to change this to make the process of receiving Mental Healthcare feel like a human one rather than a legal one.

“We are thrilled to be launching it at Digital Health Rewired 2020, as such an important event in the healthcare technology space.

“Being part of the DigitalHealth.London Launchpad programme has helped us enormously and the education, contacts and growth opportunities the programme has provided us with have been pivotal to us reaching this stage.”

Steve Gilbert OBE, Co-Chair of the Mental Health Act Review said:

“Thalamos doing an excellent job sharing their work to digitise the Mental Health Act. So important for the MHA to function in the digital age.”

Sara Nelson, DigitalHealth.London Accelerator Programme Director said:

“We are delighted that Thalamos have launched to the NHS today. As a NHS clinician I experienced the complex paper work associated with the Mental Health Act. I can see the real value of Thalamos’ product to patients, NHS staff and organisations involved in the process. It aims to provide clarity, reduce risks and support all involved during complex and often challenging situations. I wish them all the best in continuing to work with NHS staff and the wider social sector.”

Digital Health Rewired 2020 will showcase current and future health leaders, as well as disruptive digital health technologies. Thalamos is one of 16 SMEs taking part in the event’s Pitchfest, the winner of which will be offered the opportunity to have their innovation tested and scaled in the Chelsea and Westminster Hospital NHS Foundation Trust through its CW Innovation programme.