Surrey Heartlands CCG to roll-out Inhealthcare’s remote monitoring across region

Surrey Heartlands Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) has announced plans to extend the use of Inhealthcare remote monitoring technology to cover blood pressure monitoring. Last year, Surrey Heartlands used Inhealthcare’s software to roll out the Oximetry at Home remote monitoring service for Covid patients.

The monitoring technology provides patients with the ability to remotely record and share their blood pressure and heart rate readings with clinicians for review, via a choice of communication channels. The system helps to calculate relevant scores and can provide alerts to healthcare professionals when needed and also has the option of asking patients to test themselves again if necessary.

Currently, clinicians have to make contact with patients personally to remind them to take readings. The new service is expected to save many hours of administrative work, reduce emergency admissions and attendances at hospitals and GP surgeries.

In a trial of the technology involving 69 patients across four GP practices, it found the digital monitoring service helped 53 per cent of users move from a high to normal threshold for blood pressure within three months, with 56 per cent achieving that through lifestyle changes around exercise or diet.

This service shows the real benefits of remote patient monitoring in action – improving health outcomes for patients, creating capacity within the NHS and enabling preventative care. We are delighted to be working with Surrey Heartlands CCG to drive innovation in healthcare and deliver personalised services to people across a large population area. Our time on the DigitalHealth.London Accelerator programme was invaluable, the team provided us with opportunities to connect with key stakeholders, which helped bolster the spread of Inhealthcare across the UK.

– Bryn Sage, Chief Executive, Inheathcare

Inhealthcare is an alumni company of the DigitalHealth.London Accelerator programme.

The DigitalHealth.London Accelerator is a collaborative programme funded by two of London’s Academic Health Science Networks – UCL Partners, and the Health Innovation Network, as well as MedCity, CW+ and receives match funding from the European Regional Development Fund.