Smartphone check-in for patients launches does exactly that; it allows patients to check in to the Emergency Department (ED) using their own phone. We collect basic demographic and essential clinical information which we use to connect to patient electronic hospital records. We are very excited to be launching our product following completion of DigitalHealth.London Launchpad programme, and we look forward to saving triage team and clinician time, and empowering patients to be involved in their own care.

How it works

The initial assessment process is key to providing efficient and safe Emergency Care. With ever increasing ED attendances, the need for innovative solutions is critical to maintaining standards of care. Trialled with over 30,000 patients at St George’s Hospital in London, improves the efficiency of both the triage and clinician assessment process. Our clinical question sets have been refined using regression analysis to generate accurate triage scores and focus on the key information that matters. allows patients to engage in this process and support their own clinical journey. The solution enables personalised waiting times on a patient’s phone browser, which can facilitate remote waiting. Our feedback has clearly shown that this improves patient experience and reduces incidents of aggressive behaviour.

Co-designed with healthcare professionals is the result of collaboration between the Health Innovation Network South London, St Georges University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust and leading software developers. The system was designed by emergency physicians working on the front line and has been iterated using real world feedback to create a solution that makes a difference to patients and health care professions on the ground. These interval steps have been regularly presented at the Royal College of Emergency Medicine’s Annual Scientific Conferences.

Zero hardware is required, making an affordable solution that can be quickly integrated,  easy to maintain and is Covid safe. We continue to improve the solution with every release, with new features including health and wellbeing assessments and a universal translator function. is completely configurable at a local level to meet the specific requirements a department may have. is ultimately about improving efficiency in emergency departments. In the current climate of extreme pressure this directly correlates to patient safety. If you are interested in finding out more about this project or would be interested in using in your department, please visit or follow us on twitter @ptcheckin.

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