SME of the Week: October Roundup

Every week, we put a spotlight on one of the DigitalHealth.London Accelerator or Launchpad companies. Here’s a roundup of this month’s featured SMEs:

Nuki Health - DigitalHealth.London Launchpad

About: NuKi Health, a digital health platform that provides families with easy and quick paediatric dietetic advice. Parents can get support from home through video calls with a registered dietitian, chat-based coaching and tools for optimising their children’s nutrition.

Recent success: Over 120 Sign-Ups and over 50 video consultations between parents and dietitians. Awarded an Innovate UK grant.

Ask: Introduction to clinical champions and commissioners to offer service through GP practices as a potential entry point.


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Lisn - DigitalHealth.London Launchpad

About: Digital platform (App & Dashboard) that uses machine learning to drive quality improvement through staff feedback.

Recent success: Development & Launch of our pilot with a major NHS Trust.

Ask: Looking for conversations with anyone who manages staff feedback, and who may be willing to share historically collected free-text feedback

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About: iOWNA is a digital healthcare app enabling clinicians to provide trusted guidance tailored to their patients’ needs directly into the palm of their patients’ hands.

Patients are frequently overwhelmed with the amount of health and wellness information in the public domain.

Clinicians have huge time pressures and lack easy-to-use digital tools to distribute trusted curated information that their patients need. Using the iOWNA mobile or web app, clinicians can easily send information to their patients; saving time in consultations, allowing clinicians to focus on treatment, facilitating the increasing trend of consulting remotely and allowing patients to receive clinician-defined information.

Recent success: The feature of iOWNA ‘bundles’ has recently been released; this allows clinicians to easily, digitally assemble a tailored bundle of information specific to their patients condition. Patients can now access their clinician-defined tailored information in a central digital location; the newly released iOWNA patient’s app!

Ask: Adoption and sign up by clinicians


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Alva - DigitalHealth.London Launchpad

About: Alva is a digital health platform to support women through menopause – focussing on improving educational, assessment and access to treatment.

Recent success: We’ve just hired a Medical Director and a Growth Marketer to help us launch the full working prototype of Alva’s first product next month.

Ask: We’d be interested in meeting anyone who has an interest in women’s health innovation, including commissioners and medical practitioners. We also think Alva could be used to support NHS staff through menopause too – so we’re interested in meeting people involved in commissioning these services too.


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