Leap FAQs

We have answered our most frequently asked questions, to help you decide if this is the right programme for you and to provide support during the application process.

What is the DigitalHealth.London Leap Programme?

The DigitalHealth.London Leap programme is a new initiative dedicated to fostering inclusivity and providing tailored support to founders from diverse backgrounds in the digital health innovation space. It aims to empower innovators and pave the way for a more inclusive future in healthcare through coaching, peer support, mentoring, learning, networking and potential investment/funding where appropriate. 
Digital Health.London continues to sustain and expand an active digital health market in London by helping to overcome challenges that hold innovators back.  

I need more support as a founder with disabilities, how can I get that support?

Inclusivity is at the heart of the DigitalHealth.London Leap programme. If you have specific needs or require accommodations, please reach out to us at info@digitalhealth.london. We will endeavour to make all/any reasonable adjustments required to facilitate your access to this programme.

What support will participants get?

The DigitalHealth.London Leap programme runs over nine months and offers a variety of support, which can include:

– Round table events featuring subject matter experts
– Regular drop-in sessions with a dedicated digital health navigator for personalised support
– Action Learning Sets: fostering a collaborative environment for peer-to-peer support and knowledge exchange
– Peer networking and learning facilitated through a dedicated online platform
– Mentoring opportunities with members of our advisory panel
– Insightful advice from key founding and strategic partners, providing a wealth of diverse expertise in healthcare innovation

Who makes up the advisory panel?

The advisory panel forms a diverse cohort, intentionally representative of the backgrounds the DigitalHealth.London Leap programme aims to support. Comprising of individuals with extensive experience in clinical, business, investment, and digital solution entrepreneurship, they bring a wealth of knowledge. Leveraging their collective expertise and deep commitment to diversity, the programme seeks guidance and support from these professionals to empower and mentor founders. Many, if not all, panel members have a track record of supporting and mentoring individuals within their respective fields, adding valuable perspectives to the programme.

Does the programme provide funding for companies?

The DigitalHealth.London Leap programme does not provide direct funding. 

Is the programme run face-to-face or virtually?

The DigitalHealth.London Leap programme will include both virtual and face-to-face support and networking. Reasonable adjustments can be made for all who may require them.

My company offers a solution to the social care market. Can I still apply?

In our evolving landscape, addressing both health and social care challenges through digital solutions is paramount. At DigitalHealth.London, we recognise this significance, and as such, all our programmes are open to applications from companies offering solutions in both the health and social care sectors. We have a proven track record of supporting numerous companies in the social care space, ensuring that we cultivate meaningful relationships with key stakeholders. This allows our team to deliver tailored programmes that align with the needs of companies, ultimately contributing to the advancement of the integrated care landscape.

What is the application process?

Founders are invited to apply for the programme through a short application form.

Applications will be reviewed by the DigitalHealth.London team and advisory panel. These will be scored for their suitability for participation in the DigitalHealth.London Leap Programme in the following areas:  
– Potential to benefit from the programme 
– Barrier/s identified by the founder  
– Business credibility and NHS and social care need 

What criteria must a founder meet to be considered eligible for the programme?

Based on UK Shared Prosperity Fund guidelines and criteria for programme funding, individuals who identify as being from Black, Asian, or Minority Ethnic communities, the global majority, female, are neurodiverse, and/or disabled are encouraged to apply.

Global majority refers to people who are Black, Asian, Brown, dual-heritage, indigenous to the global south, and/or have been referred to as “ethnic minorities”.

The definition for disability is ‘A mental and/or physical impairment that has a substantial and long-term negative effect on your ability to lead activities in everyday life. A disability can be visible (seen) or invisible (hidden)’ (The Equality Act 2010). A mental impairment could include neurodiverse conditions. 

What criteria must a founder’s company meet to be considered eligible for the programme?

The founder must first fulfil one or more of the criteria in the previous question.
1. Companies must demonstrate compliance with the definition of a Small and Medium-sized Enterprise (SME), as provided by the Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office of the UK Government (https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/fcdo-small-to-medium-sized-enterprise-sme-action-plan/small-to-medium-sized-enterprise-sme-action-plan#what-is-an-sme). If you are not sure whether you meet the criteria, we will be able to make a judgment based on your responses to questions in the application form. 

2. Companies need to be registered with Companies House. We can accept sole traders, providing you have a unique tax reference number. 
Companies wishing to take part in the DigitalHealth.London Leap programme must be based in London, through a dedicated London office or a shared working space with a commitment to doing business in London.
3. The benefit received by your Company from the DigitalHealth.London Leap programme will be classified as Minimal Financial Assistance (MFA) under the Subsidy Control Act (2022). The amount of Minimal Financial Assistance that your Company will receive through the DigitalHealth.London Leap Programme is estimated to be worth the equivalent of £7,500. Before making the payment, we will require written confirmation that receipt of the payment will not exceed your Company’s Subsidy Control Statutory Guidance MFA threshold of £315,000 cumulated over this and the previous two financial years, as specified in section 36(1) of the Subsidy Control Act (2022). This means you must confirm that you have not received more than £312,000 (£315,000 minus the value of this subsidy of £7,500) in MFA subsidies or comparable types of subsidies (see section 42(8) of the Subsidy Control Act) between 1 April 2020 and the date you submit your application. We take this opportunity to remind you that you are required to keep a written record of the amount of MFA you have received and the date/s when it was received. The written record must be kept for at least three years beginning with the date on which the MFA was given. This will enable you to respond to future requests from public authorities on how much MFA you have received and whether you have reached the cumulative threshold. 

See here for more information: https://www.legislation.gov.uk/ukpga/2022/23/enacted 

What stage of product development should companies be at to apply for the programme?

Companies interested in investment and with a well-defined product or solution that are prepared to start development of their evidence base, stand to gain the most from the support provided through the DigitalHealth.London Leap programme. The programme is tailored to engage with various facets of the health and care system and will be particularly beneficial at this juncture. Overall suitability assessment hinges on both the developmental stage of products/services—especially those ready for trials or procurement—and the company’s capacity to leverage the programme effectively, including having adequate time and staff resources for meaningful engagement.

Can I arrange a call/meeting to discuss my eligibility/application?

Should you have any questions or concerns, kindly reach out to us at info@digitalhealth.london, where our team will be happy to assist you. In the rare circumstance that your query cannot be addressed via email, we are more than happy to schedule a call with an appropriate team member.

Can I change my answers once I have submitted my application?

While you can save and edit your responses in the application form, once submitted, editing the form is not possible. We strongly advise applicants to thoroughly review and proofread their applications before submission.

When is the start date of the next cohort?

Support will start in March 2024.

When should I expect to hear back about my application?

Applicants will be contacted by Wednesday, 14 February 2024 regarding the outcome of their application review.  

Will I get feedback on my application?

High-level email feedback will be provided to all unsuccessful applicants.