NHSX releases new Clinical Communications Procurement Framework

NHSX has published a new Clinical Communications Procurement Framework which allows clinicians to access a wide range of communication tools all under one procurement framework agreement. DigitalHealth.London Accelerator alumni Cinapsis, Pando and Hospify are among the suppliers chosen as part of the framework.

The framework has been designed to provide a compliant and convenient route to market for all NHS organisations.

It allows clinicians to access a wide range of communication tools all under one procurement framework agreement. Participating authorities have the freedom and flexibility to make a direct award or undertake a mini-competition to meet the bespoke requirement of each customer.

Sara Nelson, Programme Director of DigitalHealth.London’s Accelerator, said, “The new Clinical Communications Procurement Framework is an important step towards improved communication in NHS. It simplifies decisions for hospitals and clinics as they can choose from suppliers that have already been assessed. I am very pleased that Accelerator alumni Pando, Cinapsis and Hospify have all been chosen as approved suppliers. By improving communications, NHS staff and patients should benefit from greater efficiency and patient safety.”

The suppliers have been assessed to ensure that they meet all legislative requirements; therefore no formal tendering is required, saving valuable time and money in the procurement process. The framework contains large national companies but also a healthy number of regional SMEs, and all can showcase their products via the framework, helping buyers to make informed local decisions.

Lydia Yarlott, Pando Co-Founder said, “We are extremely pleased to have been chosen as a supplier for the framework. With over 50,000 NHS users, Pando already is one of the biggest clinical networks and we look forward to helping even more healthcare teams collaborate more effectively.

“We are so grateful to the DigitalHealth.London Accelerator for the support it provided us in growing our product and NHS offering.”

Dr Owain Rhys Hughes, CEO and Founder of Cinapsis, said “The launch of this Procurement Framework marks a significant step in the modernisation of the NHS’s internal clinical communications. The NHS is an incredible machine, but huge silos still exist between its various engines. Stronger clinical communication tools can ensure no piece of information is missed or overlooked, and that every patient receives thorough and efficient care from their very first encounter with a clinical service. We are delighted that Cinapsis has been included as one of the recommended solution providers, and that we will be playing a key part in the future of NHS service provision.

“We were part of the first cohort of DigitalHealth.London’s Accelerator programme back in 2016/17 and the guidance and advice we received whilst on the programme has been enormously valuable for making connections with the NHS.”

Guidance for using the framework and the full list of suppliers can be found here.