NHS case study: improving patient flow in the Emergency Department

NHS organisation involved: London North West University Healthcare NHS Trust

In 2018, London North West University Healthcare NHS Trust launched the “Let’s Get Digital” innovation programme. It invited DigitalHealth.London Accelerator companies to pitch their solutions to the trust, including Infinity Health, a secure collaboration and task management platform that addresses workflow and mobile communication challenges.

One of the trust’s key challenge areas was patient flow in the Emergency Department and a project team, including clinical and operational stakeholders, was set up to reduce waiting times.

The existing paper-based process for transferring patients was contributing to delays, so Infinity Health prototyped a solution to transform how patient transfers were requested and coordinated. This provided clinical staff with an improved experience for requesting, tracking, and prioritising porter requests from anywhere within the Emergency Department. It also gave operational teams the visibility, tools, and data-driven insights to optimise activity on the ground.

Following an evaluation by the project team and stakeholders, the trust and Infinity Health are proceeding with a multiphase programme, beginning with a live implementation at Northwick Park Hospital, which has one of the busiest Emergency Departments in the country.

Infinity Health and the trust will monitor activity to optimise patient transfers and ultimately reduce waiting times for patients.

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