“MeeTwo” win 5x5x5..… x5 pitch event

Kerstyn Comley and Suzi Godson, founders of the “MeeTwo” app, won February’s 5x5x5 pitch audience over with a unique early intervention solution designed to help teenagers deal with stress and anxiety by making it easier for young people to talk about difficult things and access expert help, educational resources and a directory.

The pitch was given as part of one of our “5x5x5 pitch” events, which gives 5 companies, 5 minutes to present their digital health innovation to an audience of innovators, clinicians, investors, and policy makers – followed by 5 minutes of questions and feedback.  At this event we also had 5 dragons.  5 really was the magic number.

The ideas ranged from connecting users with therapists/counselors, to exploring the uses of virtual reality in achieving improved mental health and well being.

The companies that presented:

MeeTwo (WINNER): a multi-award-winning app which prevents anxiety and improves well being by making it easier for young people to talk about difficult things. It is an effective early intervention to the current crisis in the decline of youth mental health. Since its launch in September 2017 it already has nearly 1500 highly engaged users.

Plexus: a company which creates digital tools helping users understand and nurture their mental fitness. Their first tool Grace, a chat bot gives users 5 minutes a day to reflect.

OliTool: a ‘hold-able’ physical interface, Oli, and companion smartphone app. Unlike a fidget spinner, Oli is discrete and not problematic for other people – in other words a ‘digital talisman’.

Mynurva: a behavioural health platform consisting of two components: live video tele consults and a behavioural health network which provide 24/7 online consultations with a therapist/counselor for non-emergency medical situations.

SafeSpace: explores the uses of virtual reality in helping people achieve improved mental health and well being.

NHS England Clinical Lead on digital health Dr Indra Joshi, Child psychiatrist Omer Moghraby, and investor Jason Foster were part of the judging team:

We will be hosting an Ageing themed 5x5x5 event in April. If you would like to get involved: apply to pitch by filling in this short form, or join the audience by signing up here.

Contact Joshua Wong if you have any questions.