Launchpad Company Megi Health Launches MEGI: Personalised Digital Health Assistant for Hypertension Management

Today on World Hypertension Day, DigitalHealth.London Launchpad company Megi Health announce their UK launch of MEGI, an accessible and personalised digital health assistant for hypertension management.

Hypertension (high blood pressure) is the leading controllable risk factor for heart and circulatory diseases within the UK, contributing to roughly 50 per cent of heart attacks and strokes nationwide. Approximately 28 per cent of adults, totalling 15 million individuals, live with high blood pressure in the UK. A further estimated six to eight million individuals live with undiagnosed or inadequately managed hypertension, highlighting the urgent need for increased awareness and proactive healthcare measures.

Developed in collaboration with Infobip and built on the expertise of Croatia’s Magdalena Clinic for Cardiovascular Diseases, Megi Health is pleased to announce the launch of MEGI, an innovative digital solution tailored for hypertension management to the UK market. As an accessible and personalised digital health assistant designed to address the multifaceted nature of hypertension, MEGI considers both health and behavioural factors crucial in managing high blood pressure. With a track record of aiding over 6,000 patients in diagnosis and treatment, MEGI streamlines patient involvement by offering educational resources, medication reminders and lifestyle guidance.

MEGI makes me feel safe and comfortable, just like visiting the doctor, and I always feel better after using it.

51 year-old user of MEGI

Through the DigitalHealth.London Launchpad programme, Megi Health has ensured full compliance for MEGI to operate in the UK, meeting the essential regulations and stringent standards for digital health technologies. Megi Health has implemented extensive safety measures within MEGI to safeguard users and ensure adherence to the highest ethical and safety protocols.

Megi Health is currently seeking partnerships to test MEGI within UK hospital settings, aiming to assess various outcomes such as enhanced patient engagement, reduced healthcare provider burden, improved clinical indicators (e.g., average blood pressure reduction and stability) as well as increased medication adherence. As part of these initiatives, researchers from King’s College London will be conducting thorough analyses of any study data collected, furthering understanding of MEGI’s efficacy and impact.

To find out more about Megi Health and MEGI, please visit, or contact Nina Sesto and Ines Knezevic.

The DigitalHealth.London Launchpad programme is funded by the UK Government via the UK Shared Prosperity Fund (UKSPF). It is delivered by the Health Innovation Network (HIN) South London in partnership with the Office of Life Sciences, CW+, Medicity, NHS England, the Mayor of London and the Levelling Up Fund.

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