Launchpad company iOWNA launches digital healthcare app

Today, we are delighted to announce the launch of iOWNA, a digital healthcare app enabling clinicians to provide trusted guidance directly into the palm of their patients’ hands.

Patients are frequently overwhelmed with the amount of health and wellness information in the public domain. Clinicians have huge time pressures and lack easy-to-use digital tools to distribute trusted curated information that their patients need.

Founded by a Consultant Doctor, the iOWNA clinician’s app provides clinicians not only with established content but also with a library of its own curated material created by UK leading experts, with the ability to easily assemble a tailored bundle of information for their patients. iOWNA focuses on certain disease pillars overseen by iOWNA’s medical board. The pillars are focused around chronic disease areas, including arthritis and autoimmunity, heart and lung, mental health and ageing, obesity and diabetes, cancer, and screening. The board is composed of some of the UK’s leading NHS and private consultants whose medical specialties largely lie within these disease pillars.

Using the iOWNA mobile app or web app, clinicians can easily send information to their patients; saving time in consultations, allowing clinicians to focus on treatment, and facilitating the increasing trend of consulting remotely. The patients can then use the iOWNA app to access their clinician-defined tailored patient plan and complete patient feedback in a central digital location. Find out more about how the app works here.

Dr Millicent Stone, iOWNA CEO and Co-Founder, Consultant Rheumatologist said, “There is a plethora of information in the public domain and patients find it overwhelming to know what to trust, for instance during COVID-19 it was in the press that living near a 5G mast might cause COVID-19. DigitalHealth.London was instrumental in guiding us through tailoring our product to the market, to ensure what we developed truly met the needs of our patients and clinicians. We are so grateful for their support in helping us launch iOWNA.”

Dr Luke Howard, Consultant Respiratory Physician Hammersmith Hospital, said, ‘iOWNA allows me to create and use my own material or that of others and within a few clicks I can send it to an individual patient or hundreds all in one go. It’s very straightforward and self-explanatory.”

Patient user, Mr Nicholas Howard, said, “It’s so refreshing to get information that is trusted and relevant to my condition.”

Yasmin Stinchcombe, NHS Navigator for DigitalHealth.London, said, “It’s been a pleasure working with iOWNA as part of DigitalHealth.London’s Launchpad programme. This app has been created by a clinician who, through her own work, spotted the need for an innovation. As such, it has been designed to meet the specific needs of clinicians and their patients. Huge congratulations to the iOWNA team on the launch.”

Jenny Thomas, Programme Director of DigitalHealth.London, said, “It can be very difficult for individuals to know where to look for trustworthy information and there is so much health and wellbeing advice out there. iOWNA provides a practical, accessible solution to this problem and I’m so thrilled that they are launching their app today. It has been a pleasure to support iOWNA as part of the DigitalHealth.London Launchpad.”


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