White Swan

NHS problem

In the UK, 20% of GP consultations deal with medically unexplained persistent symptoms (MUPS). This equates to 68M GP appointments, approximately 5M sufferers, and an NHS cost of £3.06bn per annum.

This does not include the 20-50% more outpatient costs and 30% more hospital visits that MUPS sufferers generate. Rare diseases in particular have a long delay to diagnosis – on average 5.6 years, 8 clinicians, and 3 misdiagnoses before the correct rare disease is identified.

The solution

White Swan is a registered charity which accelerates the path to diagnosis for people with undiagnosed symptoms. It improves treatment effectiveness and helps to prevent illness. It leverages proprietary technology and leading-edge data science to work across a variety of areas including mental health, dementia, arthritis, and rare diseases.


  • Reduces the cost to the NHS of treating people with medically unexplained persistent symptoms (MUPS), by expediting diagnosis
  • Reduces anxiety in MUPS sufferers relating to a lack of diagnosis
  • Prevents conditions escalating, leading to fewer invasive exploratory procedures