WeMa Life

NHS problem

The NHS is currently facing a number of interlinked issues surrounding provision of social care and health services, including a 25% increase in the ‘delayed transfer of care’ to 2.3 million delayed transfer days, a £2.5 billion funding gap, and shortage of skilled medical staff. Age UK have estimated that in 2016-17 1.2 million people over the age of 65 had some unmet care needs.

The solution

WeMa combines an online care agency (WeMa Care), multi-service marketplace (WeMa Life) and business management software (WeMa Plus) to address the needs of multiple stakeholders – from consumers connecting with service providers to supporting local authorities. By driving digital integration of services, WeMa is creating a future of quality, available and affordable care for everyone.

  • Dedicated to supporting the NHS to improve care outcomes for people, particularly across the five London regions, which cover a population of more than 9 million people
  • The combined WeMa solution will deliver social and secondary care services in upwards of 1000 care hours per week, will empower individuals to self-manage their care, health and wellbeing, and will save 1-2 staff hours a day for administrative and manual tasks
  • If extrapolated this results in 250-500 hours a year or 25-50 days per year per carer, which can be used more effectively to focus on care delivery.