Vijay K. Luthra

Founder of Ceva Global


With over 20 years of experience in the government, health, and pharma sectors, I lead Ceva Global, a consultancy firm that provides strategic advice and transformation expertise to leaders of purpose-driven enterprise organisations in the NHS, healthcare, life sciences and pharma industries. As a founder and director, I leverage my expertise in strategic alignment, digital transformation, impact achievement and stakeholder engagement to help my clients navigate the challenges and opportunities of the changing 21st century healthcare landscape.

I am also passionate about addressing health inequalities, integrating health and care, and enhancing patient and clinician experience. As a digital transformation expert, I work with a team of experienced professionals to deliver innovative and impactful solutions for the healthcare sector. I believe we need to put people at the heart of our future vision for healthcare – I call this #humancentredhealthcare.

As a kidney transplant recipient, I have a personal connection and commitment to these causes. In addition, I serve as an advisor or trustee for several health-related charities and as a speaker and thought leader in healthcare, the NHS, health, life sciences and healthcare consulting.

Ceva is now bringing a new AI driven open innovation platform to market called ‘HealthLinkAI’ that will create joined up, pathway solutions for healthcare and help manage the global burden of chronic disease.