Vamsi Kashyap Pelluri

Founder of Kashyap Consultancy Services Ltd


In September 2019, my life took an unexpected turn when I suffered a brain stroke, leaving the left side of my body paralysed. This event marked the beginning of a challenging chapter, but little did I know it was also the seed for a future endeavour to transform challenges into opportunities.

Navigating through the onset of a global pandemic in early 2020, the essential rehabilitation services I needed became inaccessible. The pandemic not only isolated me physically but also amplified the challenges I faced daily, from typing and speaking to socialising.

The lack of adequate support and understanding at my workplace regarding my condition led to significant delays in acquiring the necessary software to aid my typing. The absence of moral support further compounded these challenges, eventually leading me to resign to safeguard my well-being. During this period of reflection, I decided to channel my experiences into something meaningful. Thus, Kashyap Consultancy Services Ltd was born to promote digital solutions in the UK catering to individuals facing similar challenges.

My journey was fraught with obstacles, not least of which was the systemic lack of understanding regarding the impact of paralysis and speech difficulties post-stroke. This unconscious bias within the system restricted opportunities for individuals like me and highlighted a significant gap in support and accessibility. The prolonged wait of over two years for an Occupational therapy and physio assessment underscored the urgent need for a solution to bridge these gaps efficiently.

Motivated by my struggles and the desire to prevent others from experiencing similar delays in receiving support, I envisioned a digital platform that could offer a comprehensive solution. This platform would enable individuals to be assessed promptly, select the appropriate support at the right time, and reduce the waiting lists plaguing the UK’s support systems.

Today, Kashyap Consultancy Services Ltd stands as a testament to the belief that personal challenges can be transformed into opportunities to make a difference. By leveraging digital solutions, we aim to create a more inclusive and accessible environment for everyone, ensuring that support is just a click away.