Thomas Coats

Thomas Coats

Please note this page was last updated in 2018. Visit Thomas’ LinkedIn profile for more information.

Thomas Coats, Haematology Registrar and Clinical Research Fellow, King’s College Hospital NHS Foundation Trust

Digital Pioneer Fellowship project: Integration of digitised components to health records in haematology

To build a framework to integrate various digitised components to a health record (e.g. patient reporting, blood results, wearable tech, genetics and other specialised tests) in haematology, and to build up supporting evidence to be able to make strong business case to support its adoption, with a focus on patient portals.

Tom studied medicine at Queens’ College, Cambridge and King’s College London (KCL), graduating in 2008. He is in his final year of Specialist Registrar training in Haematology at King’s College Hospital. He was awarded a Bloodwise Clinical Research Fellowship in 2015 and is completing a PhD into the immunology of Myelodysplastic Syndrome at KCL. Tom is a passionate advocate of the potential for digital innovation to improve patient care. He has designed a diagnostic tool for use in haematology multi-disciplinary meetings to improve diagnostic accuracy. He hopes to build on this in the future to help make fully-digitised clinical records for patients a reality.

“Being able to digitise and code the whole patient record, down to the level of symptoms and signs, will enable us to analyse patients’ journeys in full – and then get to work on improving them.”