Synopsis Healthcare

NHS problem

Ten million surgical procedures take place in the UK per year, with cancellation rates at around 20%. Currently hospitals use non-standardised paper based preoperative assessments, conducted by clinical staff during a 45-minute hospital visit, which can extend upwards of 3 hours for some patients. This is a resource intensive process often completed too close to the surgical procedure to reallocate resources should a cancellation occur.

The solution

Synopsis Healthcare provides a more efficient process of preoperative assessments using an online assessment questionnaire. This allows hospitals to focus staff resources more effectively in managing theatre throughput, and allows up 40% of low risk patient to avoid having to attend a full pre-operative clinic. Resources can then be better focused on higher-risk patients. Synopsis helps reduce surgery cancellations, improve efficiency and productivity, better manage patient safety risk, improve patient experience, and increase revenue reimbursement.

Total Benefits of £65 million could be realised from:

  • Efficiency of collecting pre-operative data
  • Reduced cancellations (current cancellation rate is ~20%)
  • Active customer Southend University Hospital, Essex, reduced pre-assessment process from 44% costs down to 31% running costs, saving the small unit £80,000 a year.