Suman Bhaskaran

Founder of SROTAS Health


My journey into entrepreneurship started with a passion for technology and healthcare. After completing my Master’s in computer science, I gained extensive experience in software development, particularly in healthcare. This exposure sparked my entrepreneurial spirit, leading me to co-found an IT consulting firm in 2021 where I specialized in digital solutions for medical research, deepening my insight into clinical trials, especially the challenges in patient recruitment. This experience was pivotal, leading me to exit the consulting world and start SROTAS Health, aiming to transform patient recruitment for clinical trials.

The path to establishing SROTAS Health was not without its challenges. One significant barrier was overcoming the unconscious bias that often shadows startup founders. There’s a preconceived notion that success in healthcare tech is predominantly the domain of those with a medical background. As someone rooted in technology and software, breaking this stereotype and gaining trust in the healthcare community was a challenge.

I am trying to counter these biases by leveraging my tech expertise as a strength, showcasing how innovative technology can revolutionize healthcare processes. I focused on building a strong team, combining diverse expertise in tech, healthcare, and business. This interdisciplinary approach helping in designing solutions that are not only technologically advanced but also deeply rooted in healthcare needs.

I’m not an NHS staff member or a patient, but my work closely aligns with NHS values and goals. Through SROTAS Health, my aim is to streamline clinical trials, making them more efficient and patient-centric/Clinical Researcher centric. Our solutions are designed to alleviate the burdens on healthcare professionals and improve patient outcomes, resonating with the core principles of the NHS.