Stiliyana Minkovska

Founder of Matrix Health & Care


Stiliyana is a fully qualified architect and a healthcare designer, who’s dedicated her entire career to women’s health since 2015 when she unexpectedly fell pregnant with her first daughter whilst completing her Masters in Architecture at the Royal College of Art.

She lives and breathes design and she strongly believes that design has the power to equally make and break us and if we get it right from the outset, it can be a complete game-changer to many, if not all, societal, economic and political issues.

She founded Matrix upon completion of her Masters in Healthcare and Design with Imperial College London last year and ever since, she’s been driving this as a mission-driven project and now a business, which she is committed to fully.

Matrix is on the pursuit to transform women’s sexual and reproductive care through the power of human-centred design innovation. Matrix is on a mission to transform gynaecological protocols through women-led innovation. In its most fundamental form, Matrix’s flagship is a 21st century replacement of the vaginal speculum, a digitally enabled device designed for patient comfort and self-use in a clinical setting.