Smoke Free

NHS problem

Smoking is the largest cause of preventable illness in the UK. Each year smoking is responsible for approximately 80,000 deaths and two million hospitalisations, with millions more people suffering ill health.

Smoking costs the NHS between £2.7 billion and £5.2 billion annually. Existing treatments, which NICE recommends be a combination of medication and behavioural support, result in a typical cost per quitter between £300 and £700. In addition to their relatively high costs, many smokers find traditional stop smoking services inconvenient, unsuitable or inaccessible. To reach the Government’s goal of a smoke free generation new solutions are needed.

The solution

Smoke Free is a smoking cessation app that adheres to NICE guidance, implements best practice and has been proven effective in two randomised trials. It is the most used and highest rated smoking app available, with 5.5 million downloads and 170,000 5-star reviews demonstrating broad appeal to different audiences. It is the top stop smoking app in Orcha (the independent health app review site) and the most recommended healthcare app by healthcare professionals.

  • Comprehensive set of stop smoking tools, including 24/7 help from certified advisors
  • Proven effective, proven in the market, increasingly used by public health bodies
  • Very low treatment costs, could save the NHS £2,000+ per quitter for every year they remain quit