NHS problem

Skin cancer is the most common kind of cancer in the UK, with its incidence rising rapidly. The prognosis is highly dependent on whether the cancer is detected at an early stage and treatment costs vary from £600-100,000, depending on the stage.

The UK also has a shortage of dermatologists, and with many unnecessary referrals made to them via GPs, there is building pressure on dermatology diagnostic services.

Skin cancer treatment costs for the NHS are predicted to be £180M in 2020, plus another one billion on consultations.

The solution

SkinVision drives early detection of skin cancer by transforming your smartphone into a medical device that is as accurate as a dermatologist. SkinVision’s CE certified machine learning algorithm analyses an image of a skin spot and gives a risk assessment within 30 seconds.


SkinVision enables healthcare professionals to spend more time treating and supporting patients with malignant skin lesions. It:

  • Reduces 70% of GP visits for a suspicious skin spot that are unnecessary
  • Reduces urgent referrals to a dermatologist, of which over 50% are unnecessary
  • Drives early detection of skin cancer, which improves health outcomes, and could halve the overall cost of skin cancer treatments