Simi Sebastian

Simi Sebastian Horizon Fellow

Senior Staff Nurse, Intensive Care Unit (ICU)

Chelsea Westminster Hospital NHS Foundation Trust

Biography: Simi is a practising senior ICU nurse in Chelsea and Westminster Hospital. Since qualifying as a nurse in 2006 she’s had various roles in critical care and is experienced as a quality assurance nurse, educator and mentor. In Simi’s current role, she is a practice nurse and mentor and also supports the unit in many digital projects including assisting in creating a QR code for procedures, guidelines, education and operational tasks. She is involved in content creation for a new patient relative application and various other projects that are soon to be introduced to the unit.

Horizon Fellowship project summary: The overall aim is the digitalisation of nursing care pathways in critical care. This will involve digital provision of educational and training content to complement ICU care, bridging all relevant information and guidelines available in multiple digital platforms into one and thus, eliminating the need for paper documentation or minimising its usage. Digital solutions will ensure optimisation, thereby allowing staff significantly more time to spend with patients with improved care and the ability to provide efficient clinical interventions, overall transforming the department into a SMART ICU.

Estimated number of patients / staff impacted by the project: The unit cares for an average of 2000 patients a year with an average of 70 nursing staff work in rotation.

Goal(s) for time on the Horizon Fellowship programme: Simi’s goals for this programme are to replace the few remaining paper documentation pathways to a digital format and provide nursing staff with solutions to make their tasks easier and efficient. Digital tools for ICU nurses will assist in finding, organising and retrieving relevant information relating to patient care. Currently this has spread across multiple systems and with this initiative, the aim is to bring it into one larger, connected, efficient system.