Sharon Wright

Sharon Wright

Please note this page was last updated in 2019. Visit Sharon’s LinkedIn profile for more information.

Sharon has been the Head of Service Management at the South London & Maudsley NHS Trust for the last 3 years, developing and leading a programme for Trust Wide Digital Transformation. Improving the customer experience, through the use of technology, across the Trust from the private sector into the NHS. Sharon has come from a background of technical development, support, testing, implementation and Service Delivery before taking the path into Service Management and transformation of the workforce.

Digital Pioneer Fellowship: Implementing workstreams to ensure access to end-of-life equipment 

Problem: Sharon is focussing initially on the use of end-of-life equipment throughout the Trust, and ensuring we are giving the end-users the correct equipment they need to be able to fulfil their day-to-day jobs, and collaborate effectively within their teams and across the Trust and beyond.

Solution: To solve the problem Sharon has put in place different streams within the programme.

  • Replacement – which is the removal of all end-of-life devices and thin clients across the estate.
  • Personas – we are working with the business to understand their day-to-day working patterns to be able to come up with personable identifiers. These identifiers allow end-users to understand the best equipment for their role, the types of work spaces that are available for their use within their role, department and Trust. Advice on the best coaching available to them in the use of equipment, applications and the cloud-based collaboration tools.
  • Coaching – dedicated resource for a Digital Coach which includes classroom sessions, onsite ‘Pop-Up’ Digital Services, Coaching Materials (videos, literature and communications) and one-on-one sessions with staff.
  • Digitisation of the workforce – a culmination of persona’s, equipment, coaching, and influencing Estates & Facilities on how the Trust will evolve around space utilisation. This will lead the Digital Me programme to allocate equipment via personas to digitise and transform the working ways at SLaM.

Scale: The programme is 1,270 devices for the replacement stream. Approximately 5,500 permanent members of staff to be digitised, across 60 locations.

Desired impact: Aim to have a fully Digitised workforce by April 2020.

Progress to date: When Sharon started on the Fellowship programme Microsoft Teams was being used by 1,140 staff across the Trust out of 5,500 potential users.  As at December 2019 Sharon’s team are the first UK Trust to achieve 95% uptake of the Microsoft ‘Teams’ collaboration tool.  They have 5,187 (out of 5261 staff across 250+ teams) active users across 4 main sites. They have introduced the concept of ‘Digital Partners’ to go out on to site. The feedback has been very positive. They recruited a digital coach.

SLaM recently won an award for the on-boarding of Microsoft Teams, being the first in Global Healthcare to have 95% of their workforce using the tool.

“I gained valuable feedback from the other Fellows on the programme around how to/not to approach stakeholders in order to adopt the digital tool. The feedback influenced me to change our tactics around promoting the use of the tool. The discipline and practice around delivering a 2 min update at the start of each learning day helped me stand up and talk about my project.

I have significantly gained confidence and have had several public speaking opportunities since being on the programme. My ability to drive change has improved immensely. I recently presented to 30 Pharmacists with the aim of getting buy-in. By the end of the session they were interested and excited about it.

The programme has raised my profile. I have better interactions now and SLaM is being recognised for our work. As a result of the Digital Persona’s work I led at the Trust, 30 conversations have opened-up with other Trusts. I am now helping many of them with digital transformation.

On leaving the Fellowship programme, I have ambitions to become a CIO. First stop is to transition the Digital Me programme into BAU, growing the Service Management team, and complete a Certificate for Women in IT with Cornell University.” – Sharon Wright