Satya Gourav Manipatruni

Satya Gourav Manipatruni

Head of ICT Applications Development 

Central and Northwest London NHS Trust 

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2020 Bio: Satya’s responsibility is to lead on the provision of an efficient, effective and high quality professional Central and Northwest London NHS Trust (CNWL) application, Digital Transformation and Interoperability service – capable of meeting all statutory, regulatory and NHS requirements. He provides technical leadership in various interoperability, application and development projects, and acts as a chief design authority for all new system developments, including new and existing applications. He advises on the best ICT practice, and supports the spread of innovation within the CNWL.

Read Satya’s blog where he explains his organisation’s journey to interoperability why it is required.

Digital Pioneer Fellowship project summary: Interoperability with GPs, hospitals and CNWL mental, community and social care teams. This includes viewing the information held under the patient record in any of the above health care settings and vice versa. With the right permission, the clinicians should be able to see all the information held about a patient from their electronic patient record (EPR) System without any additional user names and passwords.

The programme links to One London record and extends to Bedford, Luton and Milton Keynes within CNWL. This links to a wider programme of PKB (Patient Knows Best) which gives the patient the ability to view their details along with the clinicians nationally via a patient portal.

Estimated number of patients / staff impacted by the project: More than 4000+ clinicians, and many patients across Milton Keynes, Hillingdon, Brent, Harrow, Chelsea and Westminster.

Goal(s) for the programme: Integrated Health Care System (CNWL EPR)

Bi-directional view of the patient data

Increased availability of full patient information to improve clinical outcomes

Reduction of waiting times for treatments

No need to repeat the whole story to every clinician the patient visits

Patients have a control of their record