S12 Solutions


NHS problem

Both the Mental Health Act Review and NHS Long Term Plan draw on the Five Year Forward View’s ambition for people in mental health crisis to be treated promptly, with the least restrictive option, close to home; care should be available 24 hours per day, every day. The NHS Long Term Plan also endorses using tools to capture data as a by-product of care in ways that reduce administrative burden and empower clinicians, boosting their productivity and enabling them to make the most of their skills and expertise: “we need to work at national and local levels to put in place changes that remove waste and irritating tasks so that staff are able to focus on patient care.”

In the recommendations and strategic guide “The NHS Confederation Mental Health Services and COVID-19: Preparing for the Rise” (12/08/2020), the NHS Reset Campaign has considered what mental health services to prepare for – “suppressed, driven and exacerbate demand” which will of course impact on the area of crisis care.

The solution

S12 Solutions is an app and a website which helps approved mental health professionals (AMHPs) and s.12 doctors to efficiently complete Mental Health Act (MHA) processes. Doctors log in to the platform and add their availability for s.12 work. Doctors can also manage their own contact and professional information, location, specialisms, and languages within their profile. AMHPs can use this information to find local, available doctors.

The S12 Solutions platform has an API with the DHSC’s MHA Database of s.12 approved doctors to ensure that all doctors in the platform are up to date with their s.12 approval.


Over 3000 AMHP and s.12 Doctor Users. The platform is live of being implemented across:

  • 93 CCGs
  • 43 Mental Health Trusts
  • 105 Local Authorities

Key Outcomes:

  • Increased doctor networks and evidence that new doctors were being invited to assessments
  • Assessments happening sooner than expected
  • Improved ability to arrange assessments that were best fit for the service user
  • More assessments completed by the team that received the referral
  • Supports mental health crisis care pathway in A&E and Mental Health Places of Safety