Rewire Rehab

NHS problem

In 2021, the national stroke audit revealed that stroke survivors received less than 20% of the community physiotherapy that is clinically recommended. The resultant disability costs the social care system around £5 billion every year. Rewire is a smartphone app that solves the problem of insufficient post-stroke rehabilitation. Using data and clinical best practice, Rewire delivers personalised stroke physiotherapy. 

The solution

Rewire enables self-management of post-stroke therapy, giving users the capability to rehabilitate in the absence of a physio- or occupational therapist. The app uses a video-guided assessment to generate a personalised workout programme and sets weekly activity goals. Rewire also tracks three factors that have the biggest impact on rehabilitation outcomes: mood, pain and fatigue. The therapeutic strategies offered to help manage these complications also support self-management of mental wellbeing. 


Earlier in the year we received £15,000 via the Digital Catapult scheme to validate assumptions and perform initial user testing, with a focus on usability and accessibility. Rewire was demoed with local stroke groups in sessions led by an external researcher. Important observations included the fact that Rewire has weekly activity goals and rewards to keep users motivated – this was in direct response to the fact that stroke survivors interviewed were not aware of their rehabilitation goals and universally struggled to perceive progress. Feedback from carers was that Rewire enabled them to engage in the recovery process which they previously were reluctant to do due to fear of precipitating injury. These observations, combined with hours of patient interactions at the Mid Yorkshire Hospitals Trust Stroke Unit, have shaped our solution. Data on engagement will be obtained as part of a pilot with County Durham and Darlington Trust early next year.