NHS problem

30% of men suffer of an erectile dysfunction (ED). While in theory, this offers a unique opportunity for GPs and urologists to work with men on their underlying issues, doctors can only prescribe symptomatic treatments (such as ED pills), refer patients into secondary care or recommend psychotherapeutic support. Understanding ED as predictor for other health events and unique motivator for men to take care of their underlying issues to improve their erection has a massive potential. Men in their 40s with an ED have an significantly elevated risk of developing an ED in the next 5-10 years.

The solution

Regimen is the first effective digital therapy for the 30% of men struggling with erectile dysfunction. The program is a offering guided subscription-based health program that includes targeted exercise and nutrition plans, lifestyle advice, patient education, risk factor management, mindfulness, and tracking of erectile function and general health


Regimen saves the NHS thousands of pounds per ED patient by being able to treat more men in primary care, identify high-risk patients to see cardiologists (starting in Q2 2020), prevent associated health events including cardiovascular events, depression, or diabetes – and improving their general health. In addition, the society will be able to save hundreds of millions of pounds through better health, higher productivity in the workforce, a reduction in sick days, and overall quality of life.