Raffaella Tate

Raffaella Tate

Cancer Support Worker

Chelsea and Westminster Hospital NHS Foundation Trust

Biography: Raffaella Tate supports patients throughout their cancer journey by performing a HNA (holistic needs assessments) to ensure a more personalised and tailored care plan. In this role, she offers emotional and psychological support to all patients, starting at breaking the news and continuing through surgery, chemotherapy treatment, and beyond. Raffaella facilitates support groups to create a safe and confidential space for patients to explore their emotions.

Additionally, she has developed a specific “young women support group” to address issues related to breast cancer diagnosis in younger women and an “Asian support group” tailored to the needs of the community. Raffaella also serves as a facilitator for the trust Schwartz rounds.

Horizon Fellowship project summary: Raffaella wanted to develop an innovative digital platform, in collaboration with CW+, for cancer patients. In the moments that Raffaella shares with patients, she always wondered what if they can create an app which is informed by patients’ experience and based on what patients need and what really matters to them?

The app will also give healthcare professionals the opportunity to reflect on clinical practice and on what patients need, highlighting the importance of accurate information when treating patients with complex and challenging conditions like cancer. This digital platform will also help them to work more efficiently, saving valuable appointment time and reducing pressure on the NHS by promoting patients having access to the information they need instead of just a stack of generic leaflets.

Estimated number of patients / staff impacted by the project: On average 320 of newly diagnosed patients looked after by a clinical team of 10 professionals. It will also impact those patients who have already finished active treatment. With future potential to extend to all newly diagnosed cancer patients across multiple diagnosis types.

Goal(s) for time on the Horizon Fellowship programme: Raffaella’s aim is to create a digital platform with a core function to support breast cancer patients in their choices by empowering them in their decisions making process. This platform will help them in sign posting patients/families to the information they need via a user-friendly interface available at any time and in different languages, with accurate information accessible through tailored be spoke videos and content written by clinicians from the hospital. Ultimately the goal is to improve the quality of care and life for our patients.