NHS problem

Maintaining expert documentation like person centred care plans is time consuming. It can take over 8 hours, spread over several days, to manually create a set of person-centred care plans. Maintaining these records with the required level of accuracy, expertise and consistency is a challenge. One care home time study found 50.1% of staff time spent on communication and documentation and 25.9% on direct care. An NHS hospital recuperation unit that takes 3000 admissions a year reported that each set of care plans took on average 5 hours to create.

The solution

Qwikify is a SaaS platform that allows users to create better expert documentation like care plans, much faster. We have reduced the time to create a set of person-centred care plans from several hours to just a few minutes. Our platform combines document automation, the ability to create and review multiple documents simultaneously (e.g. MUST assessment linked to nutrition care plan) with manual editing and personalisation. Users can create their own custom smart templates and logic with our template builder.


We have been using the platform in a nursing home for over 3 years and have reduced the time to create a set of person centred care plans from 8 hours to under 15 minutes. This has helped the nursing home on a Discharge to Assess (D2A) contract with their local ICS since the D2A placements are characterised by more frequent and shorter term placements and the care home is able to manage the higher documentation workload much more efficiently. An NHS hospital recuperation unit that manages up to 3000 admissions per year has also done some initial testing. They reported that they were able to create care plans in 30 minutes (without training) on the Qwikify platform that would normally have taken up to 5 hours.