NHS problem

Overall, there are approximately 1.8 million patient visits per annum to emergency eye care. Of these, studies show approximately 10-20% are deemed as unnecessary same-day/emergency referrals from primary care (approximately 250,000 visits per annum), costing approximately an extra £125 million to the NHS per year.

The solution

PocketEye is a cloud-based platform that enables secure communication between primary and secondary eye care, ensuring seamless referrals and enabling remote specialist triaging for eye care. For optometrists, GPs, and hospital eye services, PocketEye can enhance a patient’s journey from community to hospital, ensuring patient safety is the central focus.


PocketEye’s aim is to reduce the economic and resource burden from secondary eye care, and also to enhance a patient’s experience and safety through secure collaborative communication over their eye care. PocketEye also aims to:

  • Reduce unnecessary emergency referrals to secondary care
  • Reduce waiting times for patients
  • Enhance communication and clinical decision-making between primary and secondary eye care
  • Reduce low-resource burden on NHS staff
  • Improving A&E waiting times