PMD Device Solutions Ltd

NHS problem

The NHS challenges PMD Solutions are focusing on include reducing average length of stay of respiratory admissions, reducing 30-day readmission rate of respiratory discharges from acute care and improving four hour A&E waiting times

The solution

RespiraSense is the world’s only motion-tolerant respiratory rate monitor for the early detection of Respiratory Failure due to Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), Pneumonia, COVID, and general infections.
RespiraSense has shown to predict respiratory failure 12 hours earlier than detection by pulse oximetry.
RespiraSense has also show, when delivered as a Virtual Ward Hub, to reduce readmissions by less than 50% with 300% operational cost savings and an average 25% increase in QoL and patient self-management.


For the acute sector:
There are on average more than 1,000,000 respiratory related admissions a year in the NHS. If RespiraSense was deployed as standard of care to support NEWS2, then:
– 1,000,000 Bed days released or 66-clinical wards per year
– £185,200,000 in operation cost savings from improved outcomes
The return on investment is three times for the monitoring of all admissions.
The cost effectiveness is 100% based on a willingness to pay threshold of £20,000.

For the Virtual ward sector:
NHS target is for 10,000 virtual beds by the end of 2023 with 25% of these being respiratory.
If those are managed by RespiraSense Hubs, the following evidence based impact can be assumed:
– 42,000 acute bed days avoided or three clinical wards per year.
– £24,000,000 in operation cost savings from prevented readmissions
The return is 300% for all those admissions.
The cost effectiveness is 96% based on a willingness to pay threshold of £35,000