Planet Nourish

NHS problem

In the UK the NHS spends £14 billion annually on Type 2 Diabetes. Global diabetes patient numbers are predicted to grow 10% annually to reach almost 500 million by 2030. Populations of colour are up to six times more likely to suffer from these conditions and yet they are completely underserved. There are no solutions designed for or by them.

The solution

At Planet Nourish we have uniquely combined heritage and health to create an AI-led, “Prevention as a Service” platform. Our USP is a deep ethnicity focus. We merge their bio data, her and their lived experience to deliver scalable and yet completely personalised, ethnically focused health solutions for diet related conditions, such as type 2 diabetes and obesity.


We have had great success with our first MVP via our food-led approach to managing health, weight and subsequently diabetes in the South Asian communities in the UK. We now have over 3,000 in our community with over 350 downloads of our app in 12 weeks.

We have zoomed into several South Asian ethnicities, the largest so far are Indian Punjabi, Gujarati and Pakistani. Our unique health transformation methodology has been designed and gamification built in based on our deep research into Indian family behaviours. We know long-term health outcomes for men, children and elders is exponentially linked to the woman’s engagement in the household. We have created a highly sticky “changemaker” model with 70% of our users being the main female of the household with 91% attendance.

Engagement through the weekly lives and listening to patients needs and their challenges in relation to cultural elements of their diet ie ghee, roti and staying healthy in a multi-generational household with young and elders responsibilities. 121 coaching has enabled detailed data gathering on key clinical metrics eg weight, HbA1c and waist measurements and non-clinical metrics such as confidence, compliance and motivation.