NHS problem

In the UK, hospital admissions for lung disease have risen over the past seven years at three times the rate of all other admissions. Respiratory illness accounts for 700,000 hospital admissions and 6 million bed days per year. The British Lung Foundation estimates that the direct healthcare cost of lung disease is £9.9 billion per year. It is a national strategy to reduce these numbers by enabling earlier identification and better self management of respiratory disease.

COVID-19 has further intensified the demands placed on respiratory care services. This winter for the first time the NHS will need to manage the usual seasonal capacity pressures with the additional strain of COVID-19 pandemic. Patients with underlying respiratory disease are highly vulnerable to serious illness due to COVID-19. These patients are now waiting longer for appointments and / or are actively avoiding visiting hospital sites, both of which have significant ramifications for patient care. Care pathways must be adapted to provide safe care for shielding respiratory patients.

The solution

patientMpower provides digital care solutions across a range of pulmonary conditions, including pulmonary fibrosis, cystic fibrosis, lung transplant and COVID-19. The patientMpower application enables remote monitoring of patients with chronic or acute respiratory conditions to manage their illness from home and avoid unnecessary hospital visits.


Remote monitoring using the patientMpower platform reduces pressure on both in-patient and out-patient hospital resources, empowers patient self-care, and enables the rapid identification and earlier management of patient deterioration or disease exacerbations. In the COVID-19 pandemic it has enabled the continuation of care for vulnerable patient groups. For example:

At NYU Langone, a leading lung transplant centre in the US, patientMpower supported:

  • A 66% reduction in out-patient visits
  • Increased patient reassurance
  • Successful identification and management of organ rejection
  • Successful early identification of COVID-19 infection

Across Health Service Executive Hospitals, Ireland, they have supported early discharge/avoided inpatient admission in 1,000+ COVID-19 patients across 22 clinical centres.