NHS problem

Healthcare communication is broken. This results in silos of information within the healthcare system leading to wasted time, uncaptured data, and compromising patient care and outcomes. As a symptom of poor communication tools, “black market solutions” such as WhatsApp and personal SMS are being deployed daily by clinicians across all specialties and hospitals in the UK.

The solution

Pando is an intuitive communication tool created by clinicians, for clinicians.

Since launching in 2018, Pando has on-boarded over 65,000 clinicians across more than 200 NHS organisations. Today, Pando has become the UK’s leading clinician to clinician communication platform for NHS healthcare professionals and throughout the Ministry of Defence.

With an easy-to-use interface, a secure messaging system and a host of cutting-edge features, Pando gives health and social care professionals the ability to communicate with ease and take better care of their patients. Pando transforms the way clinicians work both within their organisation and across entire regions. Benefits and features include:

  • Save time. Instant and satisfying messaging.
  • Reduce workload. A simple and effective image sharing capability.
  • Collaborate easily. A smart directory to find exactly who you need.
  • Communicate safely. Easy-to-use as other messaging apps, but built for healthcare.
  • Switch off. Handle work-life balance with the unavailability toggle.