Opto Health

NHS problem

Patients attending Emergency Departments (EDs) across the UK are currently waiting 4-12 hours before they are seen by a clinician. This is due to significant demand on emergency care. These severe waiting times in the NHS have not been seen before, and reports have been suggested that some patients are waiting up to 20 hours in December 2022.

Nurses take 15-20 mins per patient to triage. This is after the queue to speak with the receptionist to book in, as well as potentially a streaming nurse. Key performance indicators state that a patient should wait no longer than 15mins from arrival in the department to triage. EDs are not achieving this KPI.

The solution

Opto is the intelligent new digital triage solution for Emergency Departments. Our intuitive flow of symptom related questions enables us to identify the patient’s condition, categorise them and stream to the appropriate area and clinician that meets their needs.

Opto keeps urgent and emergency care flowing:

  • Access for patients via tablets onsite or on the patient’s own device.
  • Urgent P1-P2 Patients identified immediately.
  • Non-urgent P3-P5 are auto streamed to the appropriate area reducing waiting times.

We are rejuvenating the emergency care process. Improving the existing workforce’s efficiency by implementing a digital solution.


We estimate that the net benefit for an average Trust using Opto for five years would be £4,403,845. These are indictive figures as we are not yet live and don’t have deployed data to confirm this. We will be carrying out time in motion studies prior to a trusts deployment and then again at three and six months post go-live.