Nolea Health

NHS problem

Nolea Health is tackling the NHS’s growing mental healthcare workforce shortage problem with our healthcare staffing marketplace platform.

Staffing is the make-or-break issue for the NHS in England. Workforce shortages are already directly impacting patient care and staff experiences.

Recently NHS Digital confirmed the number of unfilled posts across health services in England rose to 110,192 (Reported Q1 2022), whilst simultaneously, within the mental healthcare sector, 8.5 million adults and 1.5 million children in England will need support for depression, anxiety, post-traumatic stress disorders and other mental health difficulties in the coming months and years. The cost of the pandemic for mental healthcare services will reach £1.6 – £3.6 billion per year alone (The Health Foundation).

The solution

Nolea Health’s staffing platform enables mental healthcare practitioners to build discoverable and fully vetted profiles and receive matches within NHS Healthcare provider organisations that want to utilise their practitioners’ underutilised availability. Nolea enables the NHS to drive efficiencies within their existing mental healthcare clinician network to meet their patient demand better and scale their primary care offerings.

With Nolea, practitioners have 100% flexibility to promote their capacity to take on new work or appointment opportunities and explore working across other NHS Healthcare provider organisations. In result, NHS healthcare organisations can access talented and experienced mental health professionals nationwide seamlessly.


Nolea Health’s marketplace provides a seamless digital hiring experience by matching mental healthcare practitioners and NHS Healthcare provider organisations nationwide. We provide NHS organisations with increased clinical availability, enable healthcare organisations to access specialist resources faster, and reduce the workforce skills gaps in some key areas which are declining.

By enabling NHS organisations to onboard their existing clinical staff or discover new clinicians across our network, Nolea offers a new way to overcome geographic inequalities in access by making shortage professionals more efficient and widely accessible.

Nolea Health has demonstrated the ability to fulfil a critical gap in healthcare organisations operational functionality and deliver cost savings in operation hiring expenses. Nolea enables the NHS to save at scale with per-appointment pricing. Not only are staffing and administrative overhead costly, the financial fallout from getting clinician utilisation wrong are significant.