Nicole Bilham

Nicole Bilham

Senior Programme Manager

NHS England and Improvement

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2020 Bio: Nicole is a Senior Programme Manager within System Transformation at NHS England and Improvement. Nicole is a core member of the population health management development programme team, managing programme operations for the North West and South West systems as part of wave two. She works with local systems to develop their population health management capabilities, primarily through the development programme, the Population Health Management Academy, the Data and Analytics Support for COVID-19 community and the Health System Support Framework.

Read Nicole’s blog where she shares how she and her team brought together the data and analytics community in response to Covid-19 and created what is now the national AnalystX forum.

Digital Pioneer Fellowship project summary: Nicole has led on the development of a virtual community for professionals working with data and analytics across health and social care. Nicole set up a virtual platform to support this community to share their practice and resources during the COVID-19 response to prevent duplication of effort. The platform has successfully connected and empowered the data and analytics community by providing a safe collaboration space. The community has continued to grow since being established in March 2020 and now in October 2020 has over 11,500 members. It is paramount that collectively the NHS and social care build on lessons learnt during COVID and ensure positive practices that have benefited patients are maintained. The main aim of Nicole’s project is to maintain and build on the collaboration realised through the data and analytics support for COVID-19 workspace.

Estimated number of patients / staff impacted by the project: 100,000s. Enabling data and analytics users and consumers across health and social care to make more data driven and evidence based decisions that will improve patient outcomes.

Goal(s) for the programme: To grow the community and create a movement that drives data driven decision making across health and social care to improve population health whilst also supporting the effective deployment and development of the data and analytics workforce.