Naman Bhatt

Founder of Mi Baby Group Ltd


Dr. Bhatt’s commitment to social responsibility is further evidenced by his involvement with various charitable organisations, including volunteering at a medical camp in Malawi. Here he learned of the health inequalities faced in the world today, and in particular, surrounding maternal and paediatric care.

An alumnus of The University of Manchester, Dr. Bhatt was actively engaged in significant research in febrile management during his university tenure. His fever management research culminated in his involvement with the NHS Clinical Entrepreneurs Program. Within this program, he collaborated and led a diverse team of regulatory experts, scientists, and textile specialists to develop “Cool Baby”. Cool Baby is a pioneering non-invasive medical device designed to actively cool febrile paediatric patients. In addition to this the companion mobile application “Mi Baby” was created with his co-founder and CTO, Dr. Jonti Hudson. This team grew to involve leading clinical colleagues, Dr. Jayanta Banarjee (Neonatologist, Imperial College NHS Trust) and Mr. Priyesh Patel (Lead medical scientist, Imperial College NHS Trust).

Each year in the UK, the NHS handles 700,000 births and 3.3 million childhood illnesses. Notably, during 2019-20, 81.7% of children aged 0-14 were discharged from A&E without admission, and 18% of hospital discharges were followed by re-admission, underscoring the urgency for improved health monitoring and support systems.

miBaby is a digital platform designed to transform paediatric healthcare. With real-time interventions, it aims to reduce unnecessary A&E attendances, streamline hospital admissions and discharges, and encourage outpatient care to prevent subsequent hospital visits. This proactive approach is achieved through secure, direct transmission of real-time data to clinicians, facilitating virtual wards, consultations, early community monitoring, and access to specialised care remotely. Such advancements aim to lessen the strain on healthcare services and soothe parental concerns.

Reimagining healthcare delivery, miBaby aims to introduce a cost-effective, highly functional, and resilient ecosystem within the digital health sector. It ensures equitable healthcare access through GPS-enabled vital data sharing and virtual consultations, overcoming socio-economic and geographical barriers.

miBaby aims to utilise real-time pollution data alongside GP insights offer an expansive view of public health, enhancing epidemiological studies and proactive patient care by identifying health patterns.

Supporting the NHS Long Term Plan, miBaby enhances digital healthcare access through online medical records and AI-enhanced analytics, concentrating on maternal and child health and fostering transparent clinician-family relationships. The system promotes cross-sector collaboration for smooth transitions in care and integrates health tech advancements with NHS operations. It also provides maternal mental health support through an intuitive interface, accessible to users of varying digital skill levels.

Aligned with the NHS’s Core20Plus5 initiative, miBaby targets the 20% most vulnerable demographic, particularly in essential areas such as maternal and child health.

Offering data-driven insights, encouraging community involvement, and supplying specialised resources, miBaby is poised to significantly elevate health outcomes for disadvantaged populations. It aims to meet the NHS’s objectives of equitable healthcare access and enhanced patient outcomes, marking a significant stride in the evolution of digital health infrastructure.