Nadia Sajjad

Consultant in Obstetrics & Gynaecology

West Middlesex University Hospital (WMUH)

Biography: Nadia Sajjad is a Consultant with a special interest in Obstetrics Medicine, endocrine disorders in pregnancy, and medical education. Nadia is the current lead for the obstetric endocrine service at WMUH and Lead for Ambulatory care at WMUH. She is combining the fellowship with an MSc in executive leadership and management to further develop her leadership skills. Nadia has an active role in the digitisation of the services in which she works.

Horizon Fellowship project summary: Nadia’s project is to develop a robust tool for postnatal communication with primary care by designing a tool or application that provides easy access to pre-conception care for all women of childbearing age.

Estimated number of patients/staff impacted by the project: All women of childbearing will benefit from midwifery staff, family planning, primary care and hospital clinicians. Family planning and sexual health teams could be involved with this too.

Goal(s) for time on the Horizon Fellowship programme: Nadia’s vision is for a life course approach. She wants to start with obstetric and endocrine services but would aim to expand her project to all women with chronic medical conditions.