Michael-Jordan (MJ) Faucher-Folie

Founder of Just Once Ltd.


Michael-Jordan’s (MJ) mother Josephine was training for a London marathon when she slipped and broke her ankle in three places, leading to a diagnosis of Chronic Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS). As a result, life became very serious for them. Like many others in similar situations, MJ felt alone and afraid, and even had to wait a long time for a carer’s assessment. He isn’t alone, as nearly 300k people are waiting for their first assessment and ¼ of them have waited for over 6 months for support.

Fuelled by his passion for social entrepreneurship and his lived experience, MJ embarked on a mission to drive meaningful change. He founded Just Once, an innovative platform designed to streamline assessments for unpaid carers who need access to support quickly. The platform also lightens the administrative burden on social workers, allowing them to focus on human-centred tasks.

As a dyslexic solo-founder and unpaid carer, Michael-Jordan’s biggest challenge is being a full-time Founder and a full-time employee. Compassionate employers such as Year Here Ltd. and TPXimpact have provided invaluable support, enabling MJ to navigate his dual roles while driving positive impact.

Michael-Jordan faces difficulty in making headway within the realm of local government and the NHS. Navigating the bureaucratic landscape and accessing the right channels for advocacy proves to be a daunting task, hindering the implementation of much-needed change for the nation’s unsung heroes.