Megan Williams

Megan Williams Horizon Fellow

Business Manager, Estates and Facilities 

Chelsea Westminster Hospital NHS Foundation Trust

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Biography: Megan joined the Trust in July 2020, coming from a civil service background. As a Business Manager, her role entails continually looking for ways in which they can improve or transform processes in Estates and Facilities. This includes thinking of ways they can streamline the way data is collected and processed, changing how they report and present data, recognising trends and areas of risk in operations and suggesting actions for improvement. Alongside these key roles, Megan also supports in areas of sustainability and space and property management.

Horizon Fellowship project summary: This project aims to ensure optimal building management through development of software. This will be achieved by implementing an app-based platform that allows ease of access for staff to report building management tasks relating to Soft and Hard Facility Management via the helpdesk. It will integrate the current systems and processes which in turn should reduce data duplication and error, as well as provide a central data platform which will improve analysis and trend recognition. Once implemented, this platform will make it easier for staff to report issues and gain live, real-time updates on its resolution.

Estimated number of patients / staff impacted by the project: The project will initially be implemented at the Chelsea site and will be available to all staff, positively impacting their experience with reporting Soft and Hard Facility Management issues.

Goal(s) for time on the Horizon Fellowship programme: Megan’s goals for the Fellowship are to gain key project delivery skills such as business case building and strategic thinking. Alongside this, she is looking forward to accessing a network of like-minded peers across the Trust and learning how innovation is be used in other areas of clinical and non-clinical healthcare.