Matt Williams

Matt Williams

Consultant Clinical Oncologist

Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust

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2020 Bio: Matt is a consultant clinical oncologist, specialising in delivering radiotherapy and chemotherapy to adults with brain tumours. He also leads the Computational Oncology group at Imperial College, where they work on a range of projects, including the use of wearable devices in brain tumour patients and cancer “big data”. Matt chairs the Royal college of Radiologist (RCR) Quality Improvement (QI) and Audit Committee for Clinical Oncology, and co-chair the neuro-oncology MDT at Imperial.

Digital Pioneer Fellowship project summary: Despite lots of interest, the team does not routinely collect patient-reported outcome measures (PROMS) or patient-reported experience measures (PREMS) data in a useful fashion from most adult cancer patients.

They have started work developing the CURIE/INDIGO project that will use secure online portals to allow adult cancer patient starting a new line of treatment to complete PROMS/ PREMS questionnaires, and feed that data back to their treating teams.

However, integrating that data with routine clinical care, and making it useful to patients and carers, remains a challenge, especially doing it in multiple centres, and at scale.

Estimated number of patients / staff impacted by the project: Up to 18,000 patients per year

Goal(s) for the programme: To develop, refine, and deploy the CURIE project to at least two sites in the UK (with an aim of six) with substantial uptake and engagement from clinicians and patients in those centres.