Maja Mazur

Founder of Healthnix Ltd


My background is in product, data and regulation. I have always been drawn to entrepreneurial ventures and after I faced chronic hip pain issues that left me barely able to walk at the worst time, I knew that my next venture was going to be focused on helping others who find themselves in this situation. Miraculously, I recovered almost fully from that using nutrition and I have since learnt that there is a lot of promising science around using this approach for arthritis. I experienced first hand how fragmented the arthritis treatment pathway is, understood how little support patients receive, and realised that I have the skills and knowledge to do something about it. This is how I started assembling the team for Healthnix.

As a female founder of Polish origin, I have experienced discrimination, both direct or indirect, and I have put a lot of work into learning how to be more confident in my abilities, how to lead a team of mostly very senior male colleagues, and how to build my own brand and style as a leader. Since I do not come from a wealthy or entrepreneurial family background, I also had to learn how to grow my own network of potential investors, mentors and supporters. I have already seen how important mentoring has been to me and I am looking forward to benefitting from mentoring from more experienced entrepreneurs to help me become a fantastic leader and scale Healthnix internationally.