Locum’s Nest

NHS problem

With over 130,000 vacancies in the NHS workforce, the convoluted process of sourcing, recruiting and retaining qualified temporary workers – that has become essential to the provision of safe and effective frontline care, was mostly relying on costly recruitment agencies. It has also questioned the wellbeing of the current workforce, with burnout a pressing issue.

The solution

Locum’s Nest, the workforce technology company listed in The Telegraph’s “Top 5 ideas to save the NHS” and the Financial Times’ ‘Europe’s 1000 fastest growing companies’ list, is on a mission to solve the NHS staffing puzzle through all NHS staff groups. Our multi-product platform aims to unlock the market’s potential for tech-led workforce management across the NHS. Locum’s Nest has saved the NHS£750 million pounds thus far, allowing funds to be directly redeployed into patient care, improving the lives of healthcare workers and patients alike.

Our flagship product Locum’s Nest Match, connects 50,000+ healthcare professionals to vacant work in 50+ NHS Trusts and hundreds of GP practices, aiming to work with over 100 NHS Trusts over the next year. The technology digitises hospital staff banks for a much more efficient matching of vacant shifts to qualified healthcare professionals. Locum’s Nest Match has grown in popularity over the past four years, with its adoption rate by NHS trusts speaking volumes about the efficacy and savings that the Locum’s Nest model brings; matching over 1 million healthcare professionals to vacant NHS shifts.

Locum’s Nest is the market-leading, nationally-accredited technology company providing an end-to-end workforce solution to NHS & Private Health Organisations. Its vision is to increase transparency, collaboration and improve care outcomes within our health service, through its intuitive mobile and web multi-product platform used by healthcare professionals and NHS management teams. Locum’s Nest has developed into more than just a shift-matching platform and also supports NHS organisations to work in a more transparent manner and increase engagement of their workforce, in ways ranging from digital shift-matching, staff recruitment, communication, data visualisation and interoperability – through an array of workforce solutions.

Designed during the pandemic Locum’s Nest Rota, the e-rostering service vouching for clinicians’ wellbeing was built for medics, by medics. It aims to foster equality among doctors with unique features such as swapping shifts and requesting joint-leave with partners. Our fully-fledged solution auto-rosters using an embedded rule-based system compliant with NHS Improvement and NHS England to make sure the rosters created are fair and dynamic to accommodate for medics and their ways of working.