NHS problem

Regardless of digital transformation within acute NHS settings, many clinicians still revert to a paper-based process as a way of managing their clinical tasks.

Clinical care tasks are essential to patient safety (being both physically and mentally) with the management of these tasks equating to a majority responsibility for many clinicians. Yet, with many reverting back to paper, this highlights that this process is yet to be effectively digitised and signifies a large digital gap in the way we work and provide patient care.

Further to patient safety, there are a multitude of problems that this process presents, such as: increased clinical cognitive burden and mental fatigue, data-security threats from lost/misplaced paper lists, time consumed maintaining the list, and lost opportunity to obtain task list data.

The solution

Lister aims to efficiently digitise the task-list process by harnessing a clinically led digital solution – it is a task management platform allowing NHS Clinicians to seamlessly manage, update and prioritise their clinical care tasks, whilst robustly capturing task-list data for operational and clinical benefits.

Lister conforms to the NHSX Digital Technology Assessment Criteria – including safety case, data security standards, and interoperability standards. Their current focus is Junior Doctors, Nurses and Midwives and they are looking to expand to all applicable user groups as they grow and develop.


On average, clinicians spend between 30-60 minutes prepping and managing their paper lists, often incurred outside of their working hours. On average, they perform ten direct tasks per hour which equates to 120 per 12-hour shift. When comparing this to human factors, the average human can retain five to six pieces of information at one time, dropping to two when tired or distracted.

This vast ratio means missed or delayed tasks are inevitable and drive mental fatigue. By digitising clinical task management, Lister aims to enhance patient safety by being a digital safety net for clinical tasks, as well as saving the NHS millions of clinical hours by removing the burden of prepping and updating paper lists.

Lister’s vision is to leverage task-list data to deliver AI clinical task recommendations and real-time operational command and control.