Kimberley Forbes

Kimberley Forbes Horizon Fellow

Directorate Service Lead for Contraception

Chelsea Westminster Hospital NHS Foundation Trust

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Biography: Kimberley works in an integrated centre that provides specialist sexual and reproductive healthcare and care for people living with HIV, and is experienced in fitting, removal and management of contraceptive implants and intra-uterine devices including complex long-acting reversible contraception procedures. Kimberley is also the Faculty of Sexual & Reproductive Healthcare (FSRH) Training Programme Director, delivering clinical training and regular FSRH half day assessments. With over 14 years of experience leading community-based expansion of Sexual and Reproductive Health services through redesign and provision of education as Sexually Transmitted Infections Foundation (STIF) Director & Competency Assessment Lead in Hounslow, Kimberley is an appraiser and a Named Trainer for the BASHH, FSRH & NHIVNA Advanced Clinical Practitioner Speciality Curriculum. She has a particular interest in service redesign in the development of integrated sexual and reproductive healthcare and digital technology to support services. Additionally, Kimberley is a mental health first aider and wellbeing coach, passionate about improving the environments they work in to improve NHS staff well-being.

Horizon Fellowship project summary: The Fellowship will provide the opportunity to scale up implementation of online triage, booking and dynamic forms for user access to Sexual Health and Contraception services from a Chelsea and Westminster work-stream to directorate level and subsequently incorporating the wider North West London Integrated Care System (NWL ICS) to improve access across the sector for users. Additionally, the programme will provide an introduction of a NWL ICS provider group of clinicians to work on mapping current resources, creating an online directory of specialist services and implementation of appropriate clinician referral pathways across the NWL ICS. Morever, an introduction of a NWL ICS commissioning group encompassing the respective service providers, local authorities and CCGs commissioning links within the network.

Estimated number of patients / staff impacted by the project: There are four sites within the cross-directorate working group to improve the current service. Links have been established with Sexual and Reproductive services across the network and working group’s regular meetings exists via the Care and Clinical Reference Group. The plan is for representation across all providers and work to scale optimised initiatives, meaning all patients in the network could potentially benefit.

Goal(s) for time on the Horizon Fellowship programme: Kimberly would like support for the following challenges:

  • Providers: how to foster support the appetite/ acceptability for change
  • Commissioning: development of a consortium of commissioning intentions as a board/ formation of the ICS as a driver for change
  • Silo thinking as opposed to a network view: how to make this work and get things moving/ project management