Kidney Beam (Workout Online Ltd)

NHS Problem:

Kidney Beam addresses the NHSs need to reduce physical inactivity and sedentary behaviour in the chronic kidney disease (CKD) population. There are 7.2 million people in the UK living with CKD (more than 10% of the entire population) costing the UK economy £7 billion a year.  An estimated 28% of CKD patients are considered to be physically inactive, increasing to 44% in end-stage kidney disease patients. 


Kidney Beam is a clinically-proven, online exercise, education and well-being platform developed for people living with chronic kidney disease (CKD). Created in partnership with Kings College Hospital London, the platform offers live and on-demand classes and programmes led by physiotherapists and exercise professionals either trained in or living with CKD. 


  • 2600 people with CKD signed up to Kidney Beam 
  • 340 person RCT completed showing a clinically significant improvement in mental health related quality of life, physical and social function, energy and fatigue and patient activation in people with kidney disease 
  • Average activation rate of 43% (completing first class) 
  • 73% returning users (come back to do a second class after completing their first) 
  • 52% weekly active users / monthly active users (demonstrated product “stickiness”) 
  • (Health economic analysis and results to be published later this year off the back of our clinical trial)