Kellie-Anne Rehill

Kellie-Anne Rehill

Kellie-Anne Rehill sadly passed away in 2020. Please contact the DigitalHealth.London team if you would like to learn more about her work whilst on the Digital Pioneer Fellowship programme.

Kellie-Anne worked within the NHS for nearly 15 years beginning with the NHS Institute for Innovation and Improvement, the CQC and Primary Care Trusts. It is through these experiences that her eagerness to act as a ‘Change Maker’ in supporting Trust Clinical, Operational and Transformational Strategies began. Kellie-Anne worked with both Digital Services and Trust Operational Management contributing to the development of transformational and innovative digital solutions, supporting and improving current systems in order to deliver safe and quality patient care.

Digital Pioneer Fellowship project: A standardised digital dictation system

Problem: There are a number of Transformational/Innovation projects that Kellie-Anne is involved in as a Business Analyst for Digital Services.

Currently Kellie-Anne is working on the following projects;

• Digital Den – Staff and Services within the Trust attend and discuss improvements or change in a meeting with Senior Digital Managers

• Standardisation of the Trust digital dictation system

• The procurement of a new chemotherapy booking system

• The digitalisation of the Trust community maternity services

• A review of current digital workflows with the Short-term Assessment of Rehabilitation and Renablement service

One of the key current projects that Kellie-Anne is working on is, “A standardised digital dictation system”. This project forms part of the key themes of the Trust Digital Strategy which is in line with the Trust Clinical and Transformation Strategy. This project is part of the Trust’s “SMART CLINIC” programme which aims to enable secure communication digitisation and automation. The scope of this specific project includes three phases, 1) the update of current dictation software, 2) the introduction of a standardised voice recognition application and 3) the deployment of this standardised solution throughout the Trust.

Solution: The solution aims to improve data security and achieve operational benefits such as cost savings from workflow efficiencies in the administrative function and streamlining the process.

Scale: The scale of the project is applicable to the whole Trust, which incorporates, three Acute Hospitals and Community Services for Harrow, Brent & Ealing with a workforce of 9,000 staff.

Desired impact: All services across the Trust will benefit from this new solution in particular the Doctors, Medical Secretaries and any other staff members that use digital dictation to produce communications outcomes.